A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

A man stares towards the viewer as he bends ov...

A man stares towards the viewer as he bends over and casts lots for purposes of divination. A woman, child, and man watch for his predictions. The image is captioned as “Losungen”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Fortune Teller, by Art Nouveau painter Mik...

The Fortune Teller, by Art Nouveau painter Mikhail Vrubel, depicting a cartomancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than playing out all the wars, treaties, trade, and developments of every fantasy nation for every single year of its existence, the history of RRtK nations and their civilizations can be speeded up, generalized, summed up and brought into focus after a certain period of time in the future.

At the determined time, the History Continuance Phase, following RRtKV campaigning, nations consult the oracles, prophets, seers or augurs to determine the will of the gods and the course of future events. Whatever the diviners say, it certainly happens.

Based on what has transpired politically, socially, economically, and militarily in the world, an entirely new game of RRtKV campaigning begins again. The interval of evolved time is roughed out. The results will be like our present knowledge of ancient or dark age history; some years are detailed and in sharp focus while others are sketched broadly, or blurred.

A new map of the fantasy world is drawn up after determining what has occurred over the last 5 to 50 years. 


Comments on: "Rules Development: The History Continuance Phase" (2)

  1. I think that this is a really important mechanic to have. I’m glad you’re including it.

    • I think that having the ability to fast forward history will be a unique and exciting aspect of the system. It adds continuity and interest to campaigns.

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