A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Here’s the trade map that I’m using to track trade routes on land and sea and to place different kinds of trading sites in the various provinces.

Asterisks* indicate the existence of a permanent trade route. The boxes indicate trading sites; the small letter refers to the type (c=camp, for example) and the large initials show the owner (TG is Talon Greyboy).

Sergey Vasilievich Ivanov (1864-1910). Slave T...

Sergey Vasilievich Ivanov (1864-1910). Slave Trade in Early Medieval Eastern Europe. Source: http://www.sgu.ru/rus_hist/?wid=719 (Photo credit: Wikipediareyboy).

Trade Map 1


Comments on: "Rules Development: Trade Map" (2)

  1. Trade is another facet that I’m excited about for these rules.

  2. I’ve tried to include simple trade based on barter rather than purchasing. Trade will have ramifications for war and development.

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