A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

English: Sir Galahad

English: Sir Galahad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Español: El Cid luchando en los arrabales de V...

Español: El Cid luchando en los arrabales de Valencia (c. 1093) con el fin de conquistarla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This campaign supplement centers on the ruler, the leader of a nation. In RRtK
the focus is on the general. The ruler can be the CinC of the army as well and
leads an army on the battlefield as history illustrates.

His Highness Mir Muhammad Naseer Khan Talpur

His Highness Mir Muhammad Naseer Khan Talpur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I posted before, I’ve come up with 8 basic characteristics that a player will randomly roll for each ruler: age, appearance, belligerence,health, loyalty, morals, respect, and
risk-taking in battle. So, for example,  a particular ruler could be middle-aged,plain, rash,
weak, unreliable,depraved, hated, and coy in battle.

Then each ruler will have one special quirk randomly determined, among 22 in
all, such as fervent or deformed or ungodly. Again each quirk has a greater or
lesser effect during the season.

It’s fun but optional as it adds some complexity. It makes nations even more unique. Other rules have characterization.This set has definite effects for each characteristic.


The old codger succumbs to sickness.
The lethargic ruler suddenly finds an army besieging his walled capital.
An unreliable ally deserts his ally before battle.
The love that the mob has for its ruler may save the nation from descending
into rebellion.


Comments on: "Rules Development: More on Personality of Rulers" (2)

  1. Found you blog today, i’ve been browsing around and I have to say i’m looking forward to when you release your supplement! I’ve played a few games of RRtK in the past and thought about doing a campaign of my own. However I never really got into it and the person I played against got bored a little fast. I think with your new additions to the rules I may be able to goad him back to the dark side! (He’s a a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and this represents the kind of political games that happen in that show better than the base RRtK rules do). So I look forward to seeing what you do with this next 🙂

  2. Thanks for your remarks. I hope the supplement will meet your needs. I’m also a big fan of GOT so it was a logical choice for trying out the new rules in a medieval fantasy setting. Happy butchering and conniving!

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