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The Mob Mood Phase: Checking National Morale (Fall, Year 1)

c. 1320

c. 1320 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National morale among the Starkcrazys was shaken and dropped (NM 2) due to Dullard’s failed invasion of the Landblaster realm. House Brightneon’s national morale decreased (NM 1) too as it was shaken by Runtly’s latest lost sea battle.

National morale in House Arhead increased (NM 1) due to loyalty among the serfs. House Greyboy did likewise (NM 4) due to a new trade site and the acquisition of Chicken Neck province.

Русский: Феодал даёт указания крестьянам. Сред...

Русский: Феодал даёт указания крестьянам. Средневековая миниатюра (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National morale among the other houses remained the same; either they were at peace or in an enforced peace or at least had satisfied their peoples to some extent.


A War Ends: The Frayd Realm is Dismembered (Fall, Year 1)

Due to the decrepid nature of the old man, Weirdo Frayd painfully bent his knee in submission to Talon Greyboy and his ally Adorunrun Cartell of Darne. With the abdication, the war was over.

English: The death of Arthur

English: The death of Arthur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The land of the Frayds became a dominion of the Greyboys, actually only Chicken Neck province with the Twinge; the Darneans were given Seascard province as a reward for their alliance and support in the crushing of the Frayds at Greenslime Fork. Only the lone garrison of Seascard Castle held out against the invaders. It was only a matter of time before it fell too.

What to do with Weirdo? Talon Greyboy would be denied an execution because the Lord of the Cursing slipped away that night from the Twinge and sought safety with his ally, Bedmore Sully. Weirdo Frayd would be a leader in exile in Riverfun.

Talon Greyboy left this son, Peeon as governor of the Chicken Neck with a garrison; he was pleased he had gotten his wretched offspring out of his hair for a while. But who knew what mischief Peeon Greyboy would get into. At least the Chicken Neck had Darnean Seascard as a buffer between it and the exiled Frayds in the Quiverlands of Sully.

Attack on Beastwatch (Fall, Year 1)


《清实录》中所绘宁远之战 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johnny Snowed kept his two magic users in Castle Bleak but divided his army into three parts to man the Tall Wall to the north in Shadowtower province, in Castle Bleak where he stood on guard, and at Beastwatch to the south. The Wildthings massed against the Beastwatch section of the tall Wall.

Rancid Ryder brought up his siege engines against the Tall Wall, but this time he attacked its southern end, the Beastwatch. Beyond lay the un-mined gold lode in the province, a real prize for the Wildthings.

In the ensuing conflict, the siege engines were set ablaze and destroyed. The King Beyond the Tall Wall was unable to rally his troops for an assault. Rance decided it was fruitless to sit in siege works below the Wall; his army ended the siege and returned once again to the forests.

Rule Developments: Ports

English: Tower of London

English: Tower of London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the addition of towns, I’ve been able to designate some as ports where war galley squadrons and troop transports can be built.

In the game, there are liberal rules for embarking and disembarking troops on transports due to the nature of ancient and medieval vessels.

Since towns can have forts/castles in towns, ports can be fortified and become strategic sites like fortified capitals and provincial cities and forts/castles in the countryside away from the coast.

Ports become attractive targets for invaders and important holdings for defenders of a province.