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The Smash of Things: Year 2 Changes

Castle medieval siege

Castle medieval siege (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Galley at anchor, found in The Story of the Ba...

Galley at anchor, found in The Story of the Barbary Corsairs’ by Stanley Lane-Poole, published in 1890 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rules revisions will liven things up in Year 2.

There is more opportunity for establishing diplomatic relations with nations farther away.

New random events may appear this year that will bedevil or gratify out harried leaders of Westeroids.

Forts/castles have appeared throughout the land for invading armies to ignore at their peril or worse attack.

Hopefully nations will try out new strategies on land and sea – coastal raids, pillaging raids.

Using the revised National Profile Display should help a lot in keeping track of details.


The Mob Mood Phase: Checking National Morale (Fall, Year 1)

c. 1320

c. 1320 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National morale among the Starkcrazys was shaken and dropped (NM 2) due to Dullard’s failed invasion of the Landblaster realm. House Brightneon’s national morale decreased (NM 1) too as it was shaken by Runtly’s latest lost sea battle.

National morale in House Arhead increased (NM 1) due to loyalty among the serfs. House Greyboy did likewise (NM 4) due to a new trade site and the acquisition of Chicken Neck province.

Русский: Феодал даёт указания крестьянам. Сред...

Русский: Феодал даёт указания крестьянам. Средневековая миниатюра (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National morale among the other houses remained the same; either they were at peace or in an enforced peace or at least had satisfied their peoples to some extent.

Rules Development: Progress Report

English: two red dice Deutsch: zwei rote Würfe...

English: two red dice Deutsch: zwei rote Würfel Polski: dwie czerwone kostki Español: dos dados rojos Nederlands: twee rode dobbelstenen Français : deux dés rouges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Siège d'une cité carolingienne

Siège d’une cité carolingienne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Using the quick battle rules and the rest of the proposed supplemental system for RRtK campaigns, within 3 days, I was able to run four wars involving nine nations. The wars in the fall season had 3 battles, 3 siege turns and 2 sea battles.

The system in this one turn also demonstrated lots of strategic options for one side or the other:

– invading nations with allies

– splitting invading forces

– reinforcing besieged cities

– fortifying ports and adding garrisons to forts/castles

– blockading forts/castles

– defenders attempting to evade invaders

– invaders attempting to ambush defenders

– forcing armies to disintegrate under certain conditions

– providing conditions for a nation’s surrender

– rewarding allies

– providing outcomes for an abdicated leader

– providing  a safe haven for exiles

The use of these strategic choices follow strict rules in timing and order.

Play testing continues.

More Developments in the Rules

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writing: Sandro Botticelli’s St. Augustine in His Cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Based on play tester reports, I’ve altered (and hopefully improved) some rules in sea battles (less casualties for captains, magic users, etc.), sieges (reduced the number of possible assaults in a year, made cities stronger), and trade (reorganized with clearer explanation).

But with all the revising, I’ve put my own Game of Cronies campaign on hold.